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An HR service at an affordable price, designed with small businesses in mind.

Once you start to employ people you will enter the HR minefield, we are here to help you find a safe path through.


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HR Service Centre
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HR Headaches

Dealing with challenges such as recruitment, redundancy or grievance is never easy. We offer expert advice and support to help you with your people

Legal Minefield

Not sure which staff policies and handbooks you need in order to keep you legal? We can deliver all you need to protect and secure your business as it grows

New Business

Starting out and need a hand with employment and HR? We deliver expert support and guidance to get your business off to a flying start


What is Human Resources?

Human Resources is a collection of functions that help an organisation to deliver value through its staff. It charts an employees progress from seeing the advert, attending an interview, day one and then their day to day involvement with HR, until finally leaving the organisation. In other words it is the life cycle of your employee.

What are HR services?

Our HR Services save you time, money and having to deal with difficult employee situations on your own. We will manage all aspects of your HR and administration leaving you to focus on your business.

Why use HR Service Centre?

We are approachable HR experts who get to know your client’s businesses well and get a kick out of helping them succeed. Our clients describe us as ‘reassuring’ and ‘knowledgeable,’ and that makes us happy. We have a broad view on employment issues.

Your people are your biggest asset so getting HR right is crucial. We’re experts on the legal side – working with us means you’re up to date on changing Employment Legislation. We’re hugely experienced too on employee relations, management development, succession planning, employee benefits and rewards – all the tools you need to attract and keep the best staff.

We’ve structured our services precisely to meet the needs of small business owners – from start ups to companies that are expanding fast – working with us means you have your people sorted, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Who needs outsourced HR?

At HR Service Centre we understand the pressures small business owners are under. With so many demands on your time, dealing with your own people on top of your customers can be really difficult. You know you should be working on the business, and not in the business, but when HR doesn’t run smoothly, your whole operation is threatened.

Can HR support be dealt with online?

We understand that for many companies, managing their HR with spreadsheets can sometimes get in the way of the important stuff, like growing the business, which is why we've partnered with Breathe HR, to help take the hassle out of HR.

Keep all of your employee information and documents at your fingertips in one centralised location. Our cloud-based system means you can access data on the move. BreatheHR software works on all devices - PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Do you offer a Retained Service?

You can sign up to our retained service and our friendly team will be on hand to help with your HR queries. We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your business well, so we’re on hand to offer timely and relevant advice and guidance.

How much does HR outsourcing cost?

Our retained HR service is charged on a cost per employee basis or the service can be tailored to meet a specific need; you may want a specific project undertaken for example an Employee Option Survey or new contracts of employment.

How can you help me stay up to date with employment law?

We’re experts on the legal side – working with us means you’re up to date on changing Employment Legislation.

Can you improve my people management skills?

People management is key in any business. Employees do not come in a "one size fits all", they need to be managed. Employees who perform well will in turn help grow and develop the business. We have experts in Leadership Development, Coaching and Counselling. We can design, implement and analyse Employee Opinion Surveys as well as Designing and implementing a Performance Development review process. Along with Job Evaluations and Job Description reviews to help you get started.

Do you have an HR advice helpline?

HR Service Centre Helpline Services (Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00, 52 weeks a year excluding Bank and Public holidays) via telephone or e-mail.

Does your support cover staff disciplinary and grievance situations?

Disciplinary and grievance situations are never pleasant. With HR Service Centre you can rest assured that you will comply with the required legal process. We can also chair meetings for you and help make the process as painless as possible holding your hand throughout.

Can you help with sorting out redundancies?

Redundancy situations can be fraught with issues and at the same time you need to remain focused on running the business. There is a process to follow from the initial consultation to final redundancy. If you get it wrong it can be expensive and you need to ensure that you end up with the best staff to move the business forward and ensure the staff that are leaving are treated fairly.

What about age discrimination, race discrimination and sex discrimination?

All employees are protected against discrimination whether it is direct or indirect. Age, race and sex discrimination are just three examples covered by the Equality Act 2010. We can help you write the appropriate policies to ensure that you and your staff are covered.

What about sickness, maternity, paternity and shared parental leave?

Absence can be disruptive to any business whether it is just a day or long term. We have the tools to help you manage long and short term absence. From giving the right guidance when someone goes on Maternity leave to implementing return to work interviews and measuring tools as well as training your managers on how to use them. You would be surprised at the significant improvements that can be made.

Will you be able to help with contracts of employment?

At HR Service Centre we understand the importance of Contracts of Employment for your business. As soon as you offer someone a job, even verbally, a contract exists. You must provide a written Statement of Employment within two months of the employee’s start date. This Statement of Terms is the minimal legal requirement; however it does not protect your business, so we would always recommend drawing up a formal Employment Contract.

A comprehensive Contract of Employment allows an employer to be clear on an employee’s duties and responsibilities, so that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. We can help you decide which contract is the correct one, Full-time, Temporary, Fixed-term, Job-sharing, Annualised, Term-time, Zero hours, Casual the list goes on.

What about if I need to dismiss a member of staff?

Dismissing a member of staff sounds easy, but if you get it wrong you could end up with unfair dismissal claims or any other number of claims, constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal or claims for discrimination. You need to get it right and follow the ACAS Code of Practice, we can make sure you don’t get tripped up along the way.

Can you provide policies to cover holiday and sickness?

Effective holiday and sickness policies are a must, HR Service Centre can provide comprehensive policies.

What about TUPE?

Transferring/selling your business is an exciting time and you need to get it right. HR Service Centre can help manage this challenging time and ensure you act within employment legislation.

To start with we will establish if TUPE applies and then carefully guide you through the required process. Our TUPE experts will provide all the advice and letters to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

What are Work Time Regulations?

The rules covering working hours are set out under The Working Time Regulations (1998) and states the maximum working week is 48 hours.

You are responsible for the maximum weekly working limit, night work limits, time off, rest break entitlements and paid leave entitlements. We can make sure your contracts of employment ensure that this area is covered.

Can you provide an HR Healthcheck or HR audit?

Getting HR right can be a headache for small business owners. Following the right procedures, staying up to date with changing laws and dealing with personnel issues can all pull you away from your business. Take our free HR Health check to get you started.

Do you provide an HR Toolkit as part of your services?

We have developed a number of toolkits to help you manage some of the more difficult aspects of HR. Absence management, performance management, disciplinary & grievance and redundancy/TUPE.

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