Small business owners have several options when it comes to setting up their HR systems and keeping things running smoothly.

  • Some opt for a DIY approach, thinking it will be the cheapest way to do it. It's possible to find basic guidance on the web that will help you get to grips with your legal requirements. DIY works for business owners with lots of time to spare.
  • Hiring an HR manager solves the problem - you can have someone in-house to deal with all your HR issues. This can work, but for companies with less than 20 employees this can be an expensive option.
  • There are plenty of HR freelancers working who can step in to help. If you can find someone with expertise in your field and enough time to devote to your business then a freelancer can work well.

Outsourcing your HR to a company like the HR Service Centre is another way forward. Here's how the we helps small businesses:

Our HR Starter Pack is designed for fledgling businesses with up to 5 employees. The Starter Pack will get you going, ensuring you and your business are protected. The pack includes a Contract of Employment for your staff and information on best practice Disciplinary and Grievance procedures. A valuable and cost effective  way to make sure your business and its employees are protected.

Our Retained HR and Helpline Service offers help as and when you need it. We get to know our clients well, and have expertise in many HR areas.  You can call and talk to someone who understands your business whenever you need to.

Find the right HR option for your business

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