Feedback from Some of Our Clients:

"HR can be a minefield in terms of expense. I mean expense in financial terms but also expense in terms of your time. When issues arise they can just take over your business. You’re always being pulled away to answer the phone. People get very emotional. So it's good having someone on your side to talk to who can offer the right HR advice, and let you get on with your work."

"At The HR Service Centre they understand personalities and they were able to guide me to make the right decision for my business. Their advice is invaluable - they’re fast, supportive, professional and very efficient.’

Niall O'Shea, Jaybee Graphics

“It’s a big help, and that impacts on the whole business. The value is in keeping all our HR systems up to date and ensuring we comply with all the regulations but it's also empowering our employees, and making our business operate more efficiently and professionally.”

“Previously HR has been on the back burner. Now we are proactive. I'd recommend The HR Service Centre to any fast growing business.”

Surgit Singh, Evolution Windows

"They are very personable and very responsive, I like their style and approach - they’re proactive. The team always answers queries promptly, and there’s always someone who understands our business on the other end of the phone.”

David Hawthorne, Sitec Infrastructure
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