Health and Safety

Health and Safety Management:

  • Improves efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • Minimises the risk of being sued due to an accident at work

Effective health and safety management has long been a legal responsibility for businesses. With today's increasing tendency for litigation, good health & safety management makes sound business sense. Additionally, not only are companies more likely to face prosecution, but also individuals in positions of responsibility are liable to face conviction. It's not all negative though; the tools of health & safety management can have a positive effect on your company's performance too.

Effective Health & Safety management benefits by:

  • Establishing legal requirements are met
  • Identifying workplace hazards and minimising associated risks
  • Reducing the risk of prosecution and/or litigation
  • Strengthening company communication at all levels
  • Lifting employees' morale and job satisfaction
  • Improving business efficiency

What can we do for you?

Working with our associates, HR Service Centre will be able to:

  • Provide a part-time Health & Safety manager
  • Offer initial advice and guidance
  • Conduct health and safety education sessions
  • Identify current legislation and regulations which affect your company
  • Advise on your health and safety policy
  • Develop appropriate health and safety management controls
  • Undertake health and safety surveys and audits
  • Participate in accident and incident investigations
  • Perform risk assessments
  • Help you develop a Management System complying with BS 8800/OHSAS 18001 or HS(G)65

To find out more about how HR Service Centre can help with your Health and Safety issues, please Contact Us on Tel: 0845 606 9640 or email us at


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