Who owns staff emails?

In most organisations there exists a policy about what’s acceptable and what’s not regarding the use of the employers’ technology for personal purposes. Generally, relying to a large extent on goodwill and reasonableness on both sides, the lines of such policies are becoming more and more blurred, particularly as more and more employees are starting…

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Are you keeping your lone workers safe?

Whilst this is a consideration throughout the year, but especially now the nights are getting darker, have you as an employer taken steps to safeguard all your employees including those who work alone and who may face additional risks? Formulating a Lone Worker Policy will help you ensure you comply with the law, but can…

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Do you get a headache from managing employee sickness?

According to the 2011 CBI Absence Survey, the annual cost of absence to the UK economy is £17 billion. It is also estimated that UK workers take an average of 6.5 days off for unauthorised absence each year. So what can you do to manage and reduce sickness in your workplace? Sickness can be a…

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Why your sales team is your greatest asset

Good salespeople are essential to any business, however they appear to be few and far between. Recent research by Cranfield Management School suggests that a massive 90% of sales staff have difficulties creating an effective pitch. “Top quality salespeople are focused. They know how to identify and target potential customers effectively, whilst understanding which customers…

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When is an employee not an employee?

When considering whether to engage workers as employees or contractors, it is important to bear in mind the key implications from both a tax and employment law perspective. Employee versus consultant There is a whole raft of legislation affording personnel specific employment rights such as paid holiday, maternity leave and pay, entitlement to redundancy payments,…

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