2016 HR case studies

Disciplinary Appeal

HR Service Centre was asked to advise where a client requested assistance with an appeal hearing and the legal requirements around the right to be accompanied. The employee had union involvement and had raised a grievance about not being allowed to represent their member at the Disciplinary Appeal. HR Service Centre provided the legislative guidance and advised the client on the steps to take with regards to notifying the employee of their right to be accompanied, including the role of the companion. HR Service Centre also provided an agenda for the meeting and attended the Appeal Hearing to provide advice and guidance to the employer. HR Service Centre took the notes of the meeting and drafted the outcome letter for the employer.

The client was extremely satisfied with the advice given, in particular the step by step guidance provided and hand holding through the whole tricky process.

Settlement Agreement

A client has recently made use of the new Settlement Agreement process introduced to replace the older ‘Compromise Agreements’. Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts which can be used to end the employment relationship on agreed terms. Their main feature is that they waive an individual’s right to make a claim to a court or employment tribunal on the matters that are specifically covered in the agreement. Settlement agreements may be proposed prior to undertaking any other formal process. They usually include some form of payment to the employee by the employer and may also include a reference.

The client had an ongoing employment issue which had soured the working relationship between the parties and an amicable way out needed to be found. The client and the employee were both extremely happy with the result and the matter was resolved without the need to resort to litigation.

Settlement agreements are only one way of handling potentially difficult employment situations. Problems in the workplace are best resolved in open conversations, including, where appropriate, through the use of performance management, or informal and formal disciplinary or grievance procedures.

Managed Service

HR Service Centre had been supplying its retained service to this client for a number of years. This is a service which gives you access to an experienced HR practitioner without adding to your own headcount, giving you support from answering everyday HR questions to complex disciplinary cases. The business, in question, had expanded significantly and they found themselves in a situation whereby they needed more HR help but did not need a full time in-house HR staff member. HR Service Centre has a Consultant on site one day per week and the rest of the week the client uses the helpline service which is open 9.00am to 5.00pm.

By moving to the managed service HR Service Centre can provide more strategic HR support to the business and have been implementing a number of key HR projects such as management training, delivering an appraisal system and implementing key HR processes and procedures during the one day on site.

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